National Society for Democracy and Law
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Association, non-profit organization

1. Promoting rule of law principles and human rights respect.
2. Aware citizens about their rights, duties and the responsibilities entrusted to them.
3. Documenting the most important events relating to rule of law and human rights violations.
4. Defending for human rights in accordance with the Palestinian National Authority established laws and legislations and to the international conventions of human rights.
5. Participating in establishing the civil society organizations.
6. Youth empowerment to participate in decision making.
7. Youth empowerment to defend human rights.
1. Training Courses
2. Awareness sessions
3. Roundtable Sessions
4. Public Sessions
5. Legal Consultations
6. Judicial Representation before Islamic Sharia Courts
7. Advocacy campaigns
8. Media Campaigns
9. Legal Radio Episodes
10. Legal Conferences
11. Field Visits
12. Study Days

• Intended public :

1. Adult Males and Females
2. GBV Survivors
3. Youth
4. Lawyers
5. Journalists
6. Decision Makers
7. Judges of Islamic Sharia Courts
8. Informal Reconciliatory Figures
9. Municipalities
10. Human Rights Organizations
11. University Students
12. University Graduates
13. Male and Female Children (10-15 Years)
14. Prisoners
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